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Best Local Hangover Food 

Pie Hole

We're going to hazard a guess that about as many Pie Hole slices have been consumed to pre-empt a hangover as have been eaten to treat one. The raucous hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is typically one of the most hoppy places downtown come last call. Nonetheless, there's never a bad time to bite into a slice of potato and bacon, Thai chicken or "drunk candy" (Canadian bacon and pineapple). Bonus: In addition to its Eighth Street location, Pie Hole also boasts a spot on Broadway, serving the hangover needs of Boise State University.

2nd Place: The Capri—No matter what, The Capri seems always to end up somewhere in the running for this category. Maybe it's the comfy old-school diner feel; the subdued lighting; the friendly, yet soft-spoken, staff; prices that go easy on a post-bender bank account; whatever it is, it adds up to the sense that everything's going to be OK.

3rd Place: Los Betos Mexican Food—Considering all the scientific and technological advances we've made in the past few thousands years, it's shocking that the hangover is still mostly a medical mystery. Sure, we know drinking too much causes them, but we don't know exactly why. Nor is there consensus on the best way to treat one. Well, here's a theoretical cure: Los Betos Mexican Food. Trust us.


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