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The Modern Hotel and Bar

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At a lot of fancy hotels, the theory behind a "good stay" seems to be to overwhelm the guest with comfort. Pillows have their plush turned up to 11 and televisions have enough options to commandeer a shuttle launch at Cape Canaveral. A night at The Modern, on the other hand, has the quality of an Apple product, and the rooms' crisp minimalism is a virtue rather than the sin of tawdry absence. ("What? No coin-operated bed massagers?") The mattresses are firm, the rooms' color palettes and design are spare, and ornamentation is kept to a minimum. Less is more at The Modern, which is part of the reason Boiseans voted it as Boise's Best Hotel. And with 2014's Best Cocktails on the first floor, it's a good place to spend not just a night, but an evening as well.

2nd Place: The Grove Hotel,

3rd Place: Hotel 43,


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