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Best Local Idaho Writer 

Anthony Doerr Some people are talkers. Anthony’s a Do-err.

Laurie Pearman

Anthony Doerr Some people are talkers. Anthony’s a Do-err.

Anthony Doerr

There are many great writers in Boise, but few have gained such notoriety outside the City of Trees as Anthony Doerr, whose several novels and short story collections have gained national and international acclaim. Published in 2014, his novel, All the Light We Cannot See won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Excellence, cementing his place as the Boise's author of note.

2nd Place: Minerva Jayne—We are as proud as peacocks on this one, as we asked the incomparable Minerva Jayne to join the Boise Weekly stable of writers as an advice columnist in May 2015. Since then, "Minerva's Breakdown: Advice For Those on the Verge" (entirely her own title concept) has become one of the most popular elements in the paper. MJ wrote before she joined our masthead, but now even more people have discovered Boise's Blonde Bombshell. Clearly, her readership is enthused to see her byline wherever it might appear—including on her own pair of Facebook pages, which combined boast more than 6,300 followers.,

3rd Place: Christian Winn—Being a great Boise writer is about more than publishing books. Christian Winn has published his fair share­—his stellar collection of short stories, Naked Me, was published in 2014­—but his presence is also strongly felt as an organizer of literary events like Storyfort at Treefort Music Fest, the Campfire Stories series at The Modern and Death Rattle Writers Festival.


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