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44 Club

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We were going to list 44 reasons why you should squeeze into your acid-washed jeans, dust on some electric blue eyeshadow, feather your bangs and head down State Street to the rickety 44 Club (um, and 11 of them have to do with Devo), but it seems like you don't need to be told. Seven days a week, you, our dearest and most beloved readers pile into this little dive and rattle the walls with your off-key warbles and whiskey-soaked serenades. We're surprised you can even find the room to do the epic air guitar solos that Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" requires. And for those times when you get caught up in the moment and forget a lyric, just remember: when a good time turns around, you must whip it. And whip it good.

Second Place: Terry's State Street Saloon

Third Place: The Overland Bar


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