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Idaho Shakespeare Festival

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Get on your knees and bow before the king. All hail the Idaho Shakespeare Festival--Boise's version of a theater juggernaut. No one can even come close to this landmark theater company. Year after year, it dramatically crushes the theatrical competition, which is exactly what it did, yet again, this year. But it's not hard to understand why Best of Boise voters continue to put ISF at the top of the theater hierarchy in Boise. Visit the expansive, yet comfortable outdoor amphitheater (which happens to be in a nature reserve) nearly any summer night, and you'll find a house packed with audiences eager to drink in the rich talent--from acting and directing to stage, costume and lighting design. Whether it's a modern play, a full-blown musical or a classic Shakespearean piece, ISF's expertise, creativity and welcoming nature have earned it a permanent place in the hearts of Idaho theatergoers. What can we say? We heart ISF.

Second Place: Boise Contemporary Theater

Third Place: Boise Little Theater


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