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Best Local Music Venue 

Idaho Botanical Garden Flora and fauna flourish here.

Kelsey Hawes

Idaho Botanical Garden Flora and fauna flourish here.

Idaho Botanical Garden

If you're an adult human being, there's a good chance you've packed a couple of lawn chairs or a blanket and a little something to eat and drink, and staked a spot at an outdoor concert. Set against the Boise Foothills, with sweeping views of the city, Outlaw Field at the Idaho Botanical Garden has become home to Boise's most stakeable spots. With its acres of gorgeous gardens, friendly accommodating staff, and the amazing music legends and legends-in-the-making performing on the Outlaw stage, it has all the ingredients for an unforgettable night.

2nd Place: Knitting Factory—The Knitting Factory is unique for a couple of reasons. One, Boise is now the headquarters for the legendary club, which was founded in New York City. Two, it somehow manages to be both small and large: small enough for shows to feel intimate; big enough to attract acts that could fill much larger spaces but want that same intimacy with their audiences. It's the kind of place cities three times the size of Boise only dream of having.

3rd Place: Neurolux—Since it opened more than 30 years ago, Neurolux has been a vibrant and vital thread in Boise's cultural fabric. The Neurolux stage has seen some of the most interesting, entertaining and important acts in music today—an admirable fact considering how isolated Boise is in so many ways. So, thanks, Neurolux. We're luxy to have you.


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