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Urban Outfitters

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Store by store, Boise is clawing its way out of Boise Towne Square shopping hell and acquiring the mega hipster stores that we used to have to go out of state to shop at. Soon, the time will come when we won't have to schedule vacations based on seasonal shopping needs. Eventually, we'll be able to rely less on the online shopping skills we've honed to perfection, and we'll be able to step out into the light, visit an actual store and try something on. With last year's opening of Urban Outfitters, we are one step closer to shopping like the big city kids get to shop. There's stuff for men, stuff for women and stuff for your walls. There's stuff for your bed, stuff for your feet, and stuff for your head. Who knew the 80s vest was making a comeback? UO did. And where can you not only buy great urban apparel but also check out a local artist once a month? You got it, UO. Now go forth and shop.

Second Place: Rediscovered Bookshop

Third Place: Blue Artisan Cheese Shop


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