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Boise Mayor Dave Bieter

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Most politicians make headlines for the scandals they create—gay sex, adultery, taking bribes, bad hairpieces, you name it—but that's not the case in Boise. Nope, not here, where we've got a mayor who's so darn nice he is repeatedly voted No. 1 because people actually like him. How many politicians can say that? Whether it's commuting on his bike, meeting with the public during Saturday office hours or an obvious love for his hometown that has earned him such brownie points with BW readers, it doesn't really matter. Whatever it is, it put him far above other elected leaders in the community. What can we say? We've got to love a mayor who moves a meeting with young business professionals into a bar so he can drink a beer while he stumps. Now that's some political capital we'd like to see spent.

Second Place: State Sen. Nicole LeFavour

Third Place: Rep. Walt Minnick


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