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KBSX 91.5 FM Boise State Radio, Home of NPR

Readers' Picks

We like to think BW's audience is NPR/Boise State Radio's audience. Why? Plain and simple: Professionally, we respect the hell out of what 91.5 delivers; personally, we're big listeners ourselves. When we make our annual contributions to support public radio (which we do from not only BW's advertising budget but also our own personal pocketbooks), it's tough to choose just three programs we like to listen to when the operators ask during the fund drive. "Morning Edition," "Car Talk" and "The Story." "This American Life," "Science Friday" and "Talk of the Nation." "Wait, Wait ... Don't Tell Me," "Fresh Air" and "The World." Then there's "BBC World News" and "Private Idaho." Tell you what, we'll just take one of everything on the menu. Thanks for kicking ass, 91.5, and thanks, BW readers, for knowing it.

Second Place: KRVB 94.9 The River

Third Place: KSRV 96.1 BOB FM


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