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Best Local Restaurant 

Bittercreek Ale House

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If there was any question that Dave Krick knows what Boiseans want in a restaurant, this category ought to settle it. Not only does Krick own the No. 1 restaurant in this competitive category, he also owns No. 2. Between Bittercreek and Red Feather, Krick has a pile of BoB honors. Diners tend to favor the casual, classic vibe of the brew pub, where you can grab a burger--made from free-range, organic local beef, topped with local organic cheese and locally grown veggies. That mix of style, comfort and dedication to the locavore sensibilities has kept Bittercreek on the top of the Boise restaurant heap for a long time, and we really don't see it relinquishing its title any time soon.

Second Place: Red Feather Lounge

Third Place: Berryhill & Co.


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