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Best Local Restaurant 

Tie: SixOneSix and The MilkyWay

Readers' Picks

We think this one may only be settled by a good, old-fashioned arm-wrestling match, since when it comes right down to what really matters about a restaurant experience—quality grub from samurai chefs in swanky digs—it's impossible to pick a clear winner between Eagle's SixOneSix and downtown Boise's The MilkyWay. And that could be because chefs Jered Couch of SixOneSix and Mitchell Maricich, who runs The MilkyWay with his wife Chef Andrea Maricich, are both grads of the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York. Don't pick a favorite, Boise, we applaud you for daring to love them both equally.

Second Place: Gernika Basque Pub and Eatery

Third Place: Cottonwood Grille


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