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Three things characterize a trip to Cobby's: the order-by-number menu, free chips and fruit, and a sandwich from folks who've been at it for more than 30 years. That's right, for decades, hungry patrons have been lining up in front of the overly tall counter to indulge in one of the shop's signature sandwiches. And when we say lining up, we mean it--the smart customer preorders before waiting in the lunch rush. But for those who brave the line, the serve-yourself potato chip dispenser awaits, parked conveniently next to the fruit display. If you play your options right, you can cover the entire food pyramid in one meal. Cobby's has been feeding Boise since 1978, and Boise has been loving it.

Second place: Zeppole Baking Co.

Third Place: Deli George


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