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Murphy's Seafood Bar and Grill

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When the Murphy's remodel did away with the most popular oyster bar in town a few years ago, many a regular griped their way back in the door to discover that not only had digs improved, but the menu had, too. Since then Murphy's seafood has only improved in both selection and quality. These days, fish is plucked from the sea and on your plate in a matter of hours. Seafood deliveries happen almost daily, which means the menu changes darn near each and every day to reflect the freshest seasonal choices of seafood. Diners are likely to see everything from ahi, salmon, ono, halibut and swordfish to menu staples like seafood chowder, prawns and three different kinds of crab. And even without the oyster bar that once was, you can still get your oysters raw or Rockefeller. (P.S. Even though this category only addresses Murphy's outstanding seafood, they dish up some pretty mouth-watering meat-stuffs, too. Check out the lamb shank.)

Second Place: McGrath's Fish House

Third Place: Fresh Off the Hook Seafood


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