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Best Local Smoke Shop 

Hannifin's Cigar Store

The Idaho Architecture Project describes Hannifin's Cigar Store as a Romanesque building, in which its "unobtrusive position and size ... make it one of the less distinctive buildings in downtown Boise." Looks can be deceiving, however. Inside, it's an honest-to-god Boise institution, in operation since 1905 selling smokes, cigars, cold beverages and reading material. Need proof of its old-school street cred? Hannifin's doesn't even have a Facebook page.

2nd Place: Big Smoke/Tobacco Connection—Four years ago, Tobacco Connection and Big Smoke joined forces in a merger the respective owners dubbed HFO or "Hell Froze Over." What was once a rivalry is now one of the biggest tobacco and beverage companies around with 51 stores in Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Smoke 'em if you got 'em, and they've certainly got 'em.

3rd Place: Sturman's Smoke Shop—If you're in the market for high-quality cigars, tobacco, pipes and accessories, Sturman's is the place. It has a humidor packed floor-to-ceiling with the kind of cigars you smoke following a major life event—or just because you're worth it.


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