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Floating Feather Day Spa

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Stress sucks. It's hard to put it more plainly than that. Unfortunately, nearly all of us have to deal with it to some degree (unless, of course, you are one of the blessed few who live off never-depleting trust funds, jetting between homes in Italy, Sun Valley, Malibu and Bali. And in that case, we don't want to talk to you). But for the rest of us, stress can slowly eat away at us, inside and out. So, what's there to do? You could try drinking, but that's a slippery slope, as are any of the numerous vices that jump to mind. You could try starting your own little fight club, but not being able to talk about it might become stressful in its own right. It's all a terrible cycle of stress. Of course, you could take the advice of many of our readers and check out Floating Feather Day Spa downtown. By definition, spas are all about relaxing, and what seems more peaceful than a floating feather? Put the two together and, ba-da-bing, you have the perfect combo for letting go of a little stress. Floating Feather offers massage therapy, facials, nail care and something called energy therapy, which includes a practice called raindrop technique massage. We don't know what it is, but we already feel more relaxed.

Second Place: Two Rivers Salon and Spa

Third Place: Graeber & Company


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