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Chandlers Steakhouse

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"Steakhouse" is one of those nebulous qualifiers that broadly classifies an eatery without passing judgment on quality. That's unfortunate because it lumps together the large, ubiquitous chains with the chef-driven restaurants like Chandlers that are serious about fine steak and about getting it right. After all, Chandlers didn't take top honors in the fine dining category as well for no reason. Rex Chandler says the secret to his award-winning steak is in the 1,800-degree broilers, which caramelize the meat's marbling. But surely, there's another secret he's not sharing. After all, if a good broiler was all a restaurant needed to put out a good steak, Chandlers would have to put up a bigger fight to get to the top every year.

Second Place: Lock, Stock and Barrel

Third Place: Stagecoach Inn


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