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Best Local Tattoo Parlor 

Inkvision Tattoo

Readers' Picks

"Hmmmm," you say. "Looking at my epidermis is about as interesting as watching corn grow. I think I'll get a tattoo." Don't let the thinking stop there, and definitely don't give your neighbor's recently released cousin the money to get his tattoo kit out of hawk. Save your scrilla and make an appointment at Inkvision. If you need convincing, wander through any festival in Boise, find someone festooned with a tattoo so cool you wish you could cut it out and hang it on your living-room wall (Just don't say that last part. To anyone. Ever.) and ask where he/she got inked. You're likely to learn that it was done at Inkvision. Soon, you'll be walking around looking smart, too--even if it's a tattoo of an ear of corn. 516 Americana Blvd., Boise, 208-383-0912,

Second Place: A Mind's Eye Tattoo,

Third Place: Chalice Tattoo Studio,


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