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A Mind's Eye Tattoo

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Choosing a tattoo parlor and an artist is akin to choosing a doctor or lawyer. Granted, your tattooist isn't going to perform gastric bypass or assist you when the IRS is suing you, but the work he or she does for you is equally--if not even more--permanent. Regardless of whether you're going through a phase and think Edward's glowing vampires eyes would look great on your back, or whether you fell in love for the first time and want your new girl's name tattooed over the place where your heart was, or whether you want a teeny star on the inside of your wrist, you need to make sure you choose a tattoo artist who has a shared aesthetic, a steady hand and a clean work space--kind of like the first time you have sex. And like your first time, you'll never forget your relationship with A Mind's Eye.

Second Place: Inkvision Tattoo

Third Place: Chalice Tattoo

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