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Inkvision Tattoo Studio

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Referring to a tattoo place as a "studio" is exactly right, especially when talking about Inkvision; the people working there are artists, creating beautiful, personal images on skin. Aiming to please the customer, they will concede to inking out the basic rose on the shoulder, or be an intricate part of designing a full sleeve of pieces that serve as colorful reminders of your life experiences.

People (usually those without skin art) usually say that the two reasons they don't have tattoos are, one, it hurts. Well, hell yes, it hurts. Duh. And two, it's so permanent. Yes, it's that, too. That's part of the magic and allure of a tattoo, but it's also the best reason to make sure when you make the decision to get one (or another one) to have it done by the best. We may have mentioned this before, but the question, "Where'd you get that gorgeous tat?" often results in the answer, "Why, Inkvision Tattoo."

Make your appointments soon because as hard as it is to get in now, once Virginia Elwood appears on national television as a guest artist on the cast of Miami Ink, you'll be waiting in line behind the masses.

Second Place: Black Cat

Third Place: New Moon

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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