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Best Local Thai Food 

Mai Thai

Readers' Picks

We'll go there just to sit next to the water feature and see how long it takes someone at another table to forget it's there and put their sleeve in it. And then, almost like clockwork, we'll do the same damn thing. It's a hazard of eating at Mai Thai, but their food makes it worth the risk. Looking for something hot? They've got it. We sometimes have to remind ourselves to actually look at the menu once in a while, because it's so easy to walk in, order the Pad Thai, and wait for that beguiling mix of flavors to land on your table. If you're looking for a classy spot to take a date or a lunch break that won't leave you overloaded, step on in.

Second Place: Siam Thai

Third Place tie: Thai Cuisine, Sa-Wad-Dee


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