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Best Local Thai 

Mai Thai

This intimate, beautifully appointed restaurant in the heart of downtown Boise scores almost as many points for ambiance and service as it does for its authentic Asian cuisine—and perhaps that's the winning trifecta, because Mai Thai has now held onto the top spot on our Best Local Thai list for 13 years running. While the truth of what keeps it in the lead remains a mystery, we have some strong hunches: complex, meticulously plated dishes like the Swimming Angel, Evil Jungle Prince and lamb shank with mussaman curry; award-winning drinks at killer happy hour prices; vegan and vegetarian options; ethical sourcing and chic interior design.

2nd Place: Pad Thai House—The rich red walls and low ceilings at Pad Thai House create the illusion of dining in a meditation cave; an experience that's both authentic and magically delicious. Local favorites include the pad thai, fresh rolls, duck curry and basically all of the low-priced lunch specials.

3rd Place: Sa-Wad-Dee—The decorations at Sa-Wad-Dee are imported straight from Thailand, and some Boiseans would swear that the food is, too. From delicately spiced curries to nearly a dozen kinds of fried rice, this is a one-stop shop for all things Thai.


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