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Best Local Toy Store 

G. Willikers Toy Merchant

G. Willikers: Going for some old-school fun.

Patrick Sweeney

G. Willikers: Going for some old-school fun.

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Ever fear that the machines are taking over the world? If they were, they would probably start by indoctrinating the children--get 'em when they're young. Just look into the glazed-over eyes of a child who has been staring at a screen for hours and you'll start to question if the takeover has already started. Maybe that's why having a store like Hyde Park's G. Willikers is so refreshing. Classic toys that depend more on imagination than upgrades have struck a chord with Treasure Valley residents, who have fully embraced the relatively new toy shop. Don't think of it as spoiling a child, but doing your part to save the world. 1508 N. 13th St., Boise, 208-367-0020,

Second Place: All About Games,

Third Place: Penny Lane Kids,


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