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Best Local Weatherperson 

Scott Dorval, KIVI Channel 6

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Scott, oh Scott--do you mind if we call you Scott? It's just that we feel like we know you after all these years atop the weatherperson hierarchy. What would our lives be without you and your spot-on forecast? How would we ever be able to face each tomorrow--or, shudder, the next week--without your sage advice on what Mother Nature will be throwing at us? We'd actually have to wait until that actual day to see what the weather is like, and we'd have to be ready with umbrellas, parkas, shorts, sunscreen, sweaters and T-shirts every single day, just in case. We'd be wearing so many layers and toting around so much gear that an epidemic of back problems would plague the Treasure Valley. Thank you for saving both our spines and our weekend plans.

Second Place: Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel 7

Third Place: Rick Lantz, KTVB Channel 7


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