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Boise Co-op Wine Shop

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Walking through Boise Co-op Wine Shop's narrow aisles, it's easy to pretend you're a rich European noble looking to pluck a vintage Chateauneuf de Pape from your well-stocked cellar to serve in the parlour while debating the merits of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Or, it's equally easy to pretend that you're picking up two bottles of rose for a garden party and not for a solo Lost marathon. Either way, wine shop staffers are more than happy to help you sift through the 3,600 varieties of grape juice from around the globe and point you in the direction of your new favorite effervescent vinho verde or barnyard-y Cotes du Rhone. And whatever it is you're pretending, remember that the staff isn't there to judge. They're much bigger winos than you could ever dream of being.

Second Place: Bueno Cheapo Vino

Third Place: New Vintage Wine Shop


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