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Best Local Wine Shop 

Co-op Wine Shop: Your one-stop shop on the way to tipsy.

Laurie Pearlman

Co-op Wine Shop: Your one-stop shop on the way to tipsy.

Boise Co-op Wine Shop

As part of a 2012 remodel, the Boise Co-op moved most of its wine selection to a spot just across the parking lot. The new shop quickly became the go-to place to pick up a bottle of vino with its vast selection for every occasion (and at every price range) and a staff well versed in perfect pairings.

2nd Place: Bodovino—Wine dispensing machines may sound like something from a sci-fi novel, but they're as real as electric cars—and Bodovino has them. The automated system at the wine bar delivers high-end vino by the ounce. Bodovino created an enviable business model, but it also built a favorite hangout for wine lovers, and it has one of the most well-stocked wine cellars around.

3rd Place: A New Vintage Wine Shop—Not much in Meridian counts as "old," but having been in business for 15 years, A New Vintage Wine Shop has grown into a well-respected spot known for its solid selection of wines, beers and accessories.


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