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Best Local Youth Camp 

Camp Rainbow Gold

A cancer diagnosis for a child can turn a family's world inside out. Camp Rainbow Gold helps families struggling with a cancer diagnosis by providing opportunities for them to enjoy time together and with other families navigating the same experiences. Camp Rainbow Gold is "an oncology camp, a sibling and family camp, a teen support group and a college scholarship program. Camp Rainbow Gold is a celebration of life." No wonder it took top honors.

2nd Place: YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir—At summer camp, a kid can overcome challenges; learn leadership, mentorship and sports skills; and make lifelong friends. At the YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir summer camp program, kids age 7-17 achieve that and so much more, while enjoying the great outdoors with campfires, canoeing, archery, zip-lining, paddleboarding and other activities. They'll learn to be more self reliant without you around, and you get some time away from them, too. The camp experience: It enhances everyone's life.

3rd Place: Boise Rock School Summer Camp—During interviews, rock icons often say they discovered music at a young age, and many also say they learned their instrument—be it guitar, drums, keyboards or voice—on their own. Just think how much earlier some of them could have rocketed to rock stardom if they'd had access to something like Boise Rock School Summer Camp. Kids can learn whatever genre of music they're most interested in and, from the tiniest tots to the most talented teens, BRS camps teach kids not just how to play an instrument or sing, but also songwriting, recording, movie making, graphic design and more. If you're on the fence about setting your young one on the path to a life of rockin' out, don't forget: Children are our future. Teach them well (which BRS will do), and let them lead the way.


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