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Every now and then, we all want to be someone else, but the cost of major reconstructive surgery is prohibitive, and then there's the whole runaround of trying to hide your true identity. Rather than dealing with the stress that comes with the fear of being discovered, may we recommend a less drastic solution? Try either renting or buying a costume. Have a love for the sea and are soothed by the gentle squawking of parrots? Why not be a pirate for a day? Enjoy scaring the bejesus out of both children and adults? There's a clown costume with your name on it. Feel like a fairy-tale princess? You can look the part. Whether it's a simple set of fangs or a wig, or you go the distance with a new wardrobe, there's an answer for every look. We've found a temporary adjustment in physical appearance can be just what you need. Seriously, we hardly recognize each other from day to day. We like the mystique of going incognito.

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