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Eyes Of The World Moves to the Linen District

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It's a marriage of two important ingredients in Boise's new wannabe hip neighborhood: The Linen District, that odd little district off Grove Street, and Eyes of the World, the store that has everything your world-traveling, consciousness-raising little self ever dreamed of finding, have finally come together. After rudely getting the boot from its location at the Boise Co-op property (the California landlord wanted more cash, and a different business there), it appears that Eyes of the World has landed on its feet over in the Linen District.

And so everyone (we hope) gets what they need. The Linen District gets a good local fave anchor tenant. The Eyes of the World gets a home that we hope is more permanent. And everyone who fancies the international geegaws, clothing, jewelry and other keepsakes of improbable interest they can't find anywhere else gets to keep their local shop local. Here's to a relocation that should benefit everyone.

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