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Best Phony Outdoor War 

Minimalist vs. “Regular” shoes

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Things are getting out of hand in stores across the valley. Mention that you’re looking for something lighter and flatter than the beefcake running shoe being thrust at you by some old-guard salesman, and you get the most derisive “Oh, really” ever uttered outside of a junior high dance. Mention that the Vibram footy-thing that some new-guard salesman is trying to cram your foot into is too uncomfortable/expensive/ugly/fugly to warrant a year of beer money, and you’ll get abandoned faster than you can say plantar fascitis. Both sides swear you’re risking injury and lameness (physical and otherwise) by switching camps. Both are quicker to drop a Benjamin than anyone this side of the Apple store. But here’s the deal: 60 percent of runners in this here country get injured every year, so let’s not get too attached to any supposed solutions lest we develop a societal Cinderella complex, dig?
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