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Best Place to Make Friends 

Tepanyaki Japanese Steak House

Editors' Picks

Nothing like a flying hot shrimp to the eye to break the ice. Not everyone loves dining at the same table as complete strangers, which is entirely requisite for the tepanyaki experience. Once you've introduced yourself to your tablemates/fellow audience members, sit back and enjoy the show. Skilled chefs roll out carts of meat and sharp knives and slice, dice, grill (and then sometimes throw) your food on a hot grill right in front of you. Party tricks like the flaming tower of onions and juggling with knives distract the crowd from the fact that your meat chunks are mingling with your neighbor's chicken chunks on the grill. Attack of the flying shrimp is no doubt the most popular trick. Trust the chef/shrimp tosser, open wide and close an eye (just in case).

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