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Best Place to Put Boise's New Nude Beach 

Lucky Peak Reservoir

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OK, we're going to let you in on a little secret here: The BW editorial staff decided to have a little fun with the Best of Boise ballot questions this year, inserting one whimsical question into each category, just for fun. So, no, alas, there is no nude beach planned for the Treasure Valley. We are pleased to see so many of you are on the same wavelength and got the joke--or maybe we should be concerned that so many of you didn't get the joke and still readily volunteered your own yards as the future home of some sans-clothing sunbathing. Either way, looks like most of you think Lucky Peak would be the ideal place to strip down, and we, too, can see the appeal--water to readily dive into, an occasional tree or bush in case self-consciousness gets the better of you, and an easy drive home to treat sunburn in places the sun should never really shine, let alone burn. We did appreciate some of the warnings included with answers, including one vote for Sandy Point with the addendum "swimmer's itch be damned." (Although, we do have to admit, that's a valid concern.) Others shared the idea of putting the nude beach in front of any number of politicians' homes or offices, and a fair number suggested it be opened near Friendship Bridge by Boise State. We're not quite sure what this says about your voyeuristic tendencies. Still, for those of you who involuntarily flinch at the very idea, don't worry, there will be no need for you to strategically avert your eyes ... just yet.

Second Place: My yard

Third Place: Tie: Grove Plaza and Sandy Point

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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