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Best Place to Take a Non-Idahoan in Boise 

Boise River

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You know where it is, so surf it live, man. Like the tree in Shel Silverstein's classic children's book, the Boise River keeps giving and giving and asks for so little in return. It is home to our fish and fowl. It provides a wee bit of white water, right in town, with plenty of velocity to carry our inner tubes. Its banks offer us shade and cooler temperatures, the opportunity to dip our toes. And it runs from mountain to desert, mapping the geography of our town, irrigating our fields and determining the course of our Greenbelt. Take a friend to the river. Drop him in the water. (Washin' me down, washin' me down).

Second Place: Downtown Boise

Third Place: Boise Greenbelt


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