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Best Place to Take Your Broken Washing Machine 

Wes Coe's Washer & Dryer

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Being able to do your laundry when the mood strikes you is one of the joys of owning your own machines. That is until your washing machine doesn't spin anymore, or the dryer motor burns out. You can have your wet clothes on a timed dry and watch as they flop around for hours on end, yet are still a soggy mess if the dryer is not doing its job.

At the laundromat, they just put up a sign that says out of order, but when it's your own machines, it's not that easy. This is where Wes Coe's Washer and Dryer steps in. Wes knows washers and dryers. He'll fix it fast and for a fair price. He'll even make an occasional house call to come to the rescue, but stops short of fluffing and folding.

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