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Dee Sarton's interview with Steve Appleton

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Wow. Next time we screw up and ruthlessly fire a pantload of good employees all because we don't know how to manage a going concern in a rough market, we know whom we're calling to spill the beans.

Dee Sarton of KTVB scored the interview with Micron CEO Steve Appleton all right, a bona fide coup in a town full of reporters just salivating for a scoop. Now we know why. Sarton's on-screen grilling included such hardball shots as, "Do you feel good as the CEO that you've been able to do as much as you can for the employees who are leaving at this time?" Reeling from that journalistic blow, Appleton somehow rebounded in time for her next zinger: "It's hard being in your position to be in touch with everyone out there working for you, but how would you assess morale?"

Uh oh, here she comes with another jab: "What is it like to go to the grocery store at a time like this?" Yeah, Steve: When you get to the orange juice aisle, do you buy country style or pulp-free? No, wait, we've got the real giant-killer: Paper or plastic, Steve? Huh? Well? Yeah, answer that one, bucko!

We're not typically in the business of feeling sorry for other newspapers, but we imagine the guys at Idaho Business Review must have been gagging on their press passes while watching that interview.

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