Best Quotes of 2012 

GlobalPost's far-flung correspondents often hear some verbal gems while reporting in the field. Here is a selection of their best quotes of 2012.

“Certain people in the United States would like to see Canada be one giant national park.” — Prime Minister Stephen Harper criticizing American opposition to development of Canada’s oil sands.

"Canada's Oil," January, 2012

Reporting by Sandro Contenta for GlobalPost.

“Anti-Semitism in our society is based on widespread prejudices, deeply rooted clichés and sheer ignorance about Jews and Judaism,” said German historian Peter Longerich, launching a report that found anti-Semitism today is not marginal but widespread in Germany.

"Germany's Anit-Semitism," January 2012

Reporting by Siobhan Dowling for GlobalPost

“Boy punks stretching out their earlobes. They disrespect cultural norms. This is not a good look for us.” Illiza Sa’Aduddin Djamal, vice mayor of the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh, on punk music buskers who were rounded up, shaven and dunked in a lake by authorities.

"Anarchy in Acheh," February 2012

Reporting by Patrick Winn and Fauzan Ijazah for GlobalPost

"Gaddafi was a disease, really,” said former rebel fighter Lutfy Alamin. “He made sure everyone knew nothing. Now he’s finished, and we have all this freedom but we don’t know how to deal with it. We don’t know about democracy, and justice and elections. We’ve never had the life like this. We only know the hammer of Gaddafi.”

"Libya Freedom," February 2012

Reporting by Tracey Shelton for GlobalPost

“We are entering into a kind of Nixonian moment in our political culture, where all kinds of dirty tricks seem to be possible,” Bob Rae, leader of the opposition Liberal party, accusing Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative party of cheating in the last federal election.

"Canada's Nixon Moment," March 2012

Reporting by Sandro Contenta for GlobalPost

“If someone has disrespected your religion, your holy book and your women, they are not your friends anymore.” — Haji Mohammed Ibrahim, elder from Tagab district, Kapisa province, Afghanistan.

"Why the Afghans Hate," May 2012

Reporting by Chris Sands for GlobalPost

“We went from over $300K a year to zero overnight. It was pretty drastic ….” said Rob, an out-of-work lawyer in Philadelphia, on the collapse of the American Dream for himself and his wife, Marina. The couple is thinking of moving to Canada. “Socialized medicine, free education and they will pay for Marina to learn French,” said Rob, gazing around his small but elegant garden and sighing. “Sounds good to me.”

"American Dream Deferred," May 2012

Reporting by Jean MacKenzie for GlobalPost

“I've seen a man have his head cut off and people play football with it,” said an inmate in La Planta prison in Caracas, Venezuela.

"Where Inmates Are Wardens," May 2012

Reporting by Girish Gupta for GlobalPost

“Everything I thought I knew about this country has collapsed.” — Hisham Kassem, independent publisher and opposition activist, on the surprise election results of Egypt’s first round of voting in presidential polls in May.

"Egypt's First Vote," May 2012

Reporting by Erin Cunningham for GlobalPost

“I don’t like Homs,” the boy added. “There are too many tanks and too much shelling. I like it here, where only the thunder goes boof.” Sa’id Agini, 4, a former resident of the besieged city of Homs in western Syria.

"Inside Syria," June 2012

Reporting by Tracey Shelton for GlobalPost

“The truth is that Arafat did not die due to Polonium. He died from an overdose of Palestinium.” — Yigal Palmor, spokesman of Israel's Foreign Ministry, on claims that Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Israel.

"How Arafat Died," July 2012

Reporting by Noga Tarnopolsky for GlobalPost

"Voters like this guy. He's pretty. But they wouldn't give him the majorities he asked them for." — Federico Estevez, political science professor at the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico, predicting the outcome of a victorious President Enrique Pena Nieto.

"Mexico's New President," July 2012

Reporting by David Agren for GlobalPost

"It seemed to make perfect sense at the time." — Spanish realtor Beatriz Blazquez, explaining the building of Valdeluz, a city of 30,000 during Spain's property boom. It now houses 3,000 people.

"Pain in Spain," July 2012

Reporting by Paul Ames for GlobalPost

"Northern Mexico has always been arid, and there have often been droughts. But what is strange is the duration of this drought, and the fact that it has been preceded by other droughts. Is it really a drought, or the region’s new climate?” — Carlos Gay, an atmospheric physicist and head of the Climate Change Program at Latin America’s largest university, the UNAM in Mexico City.

"Mexico's Drought," July 2012

Reporting by Simeon Tegel for GlobalPost

"Someone played God and decided who lived, who died and who brought up the children of the victims.” — Guillermo Perez Roisinblit, a 33-year-old Argentine who discovered he had been raised by parents chosen by the dictatorship that kidnapped him.

"Argentina's Stolen Babies," July 2012

Reporting by Ed Stocker for GlobalPost

"The Muslim Brotherhood can’t even penetrate the Egyptian government.” — Ibrahim Al Iraqi, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Egypt’s Daqheleya province, in response to the accusations from US congresswoman Michele Bachmann that his group had infiltrated the highest levels of the US government.

"Alleged Muslim Influence in Washington," July 2012

Reporting by Erin Cunningham for GlobalPost

“There was a lot of over-the-top shit going on.” US skier Carrie Sheinberg describing her experience of pushy Olympic parents.

"Olympic Parents," August 2012

Reporting by Barry Neild for GlobalPost

“Awww, he’s just a young lad having a laugh!” said Charly Leaden, a 24-year-old bar worker in a smoker’s raucous chuckle about Prince Harry. “He’s lovely,” she elaborated. “I’d totally do him! He’s very dashing and he’s got a fit body — even if he is, you know, ginger.” "Harry's Mischief," August 2012

Reporting by Barry Neild for GlobalPost

"Reintroducing pandas raised in captivity is as “pointless as taking off the pants in order to fart.” — Lu Zhi, a panda expert from Beijing University, speaking at the time of the birth, and death, of a panda cub at Washington, DC's National Zoo.

"Pricey Panda Preservation," September 2012

Reporting by Beenish Ahmed for GlobalPost

“I’d vote for Sarah Palin if she were running. She’s down to earth, she knows a lot about government, and she can gut a moose. I think she might be pretty good … This year, though, I may be casting my ballot for Mickey Mouse.” — Lloyd Breeden, gun seller at the Rogers Flea Market in Rogers, Ohio.

"Palin For President?" October 2012

Reporting by Jean MacKenzie for GlobalPost

"After that many years of being in a place, you just think it's gonna go on forever. Then all of a sudden it's not there any more," said Larry Brown, an ironworker in Portland, Ore.

"America the Gutted," October 2012

Reporting by Solana Pyne for GlobalPost

“Just because people around me sell drugs doesn’t mean we have to. Besides, I have a dream. One day, I want to work at a job indoors. With air-conditioning.” — Boat Thammongkul, a 20-year-old Thai.

"Global Inequality: Thailand," December 2012

Reporting by Patrick Winn for GlobalPost

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