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Best Salt Lick 

Chips at The Sandbar at the Riverside Hotel

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It's almost unfair that potato chips have to compete with their french fry cousins for diners' affection. Food law dictates that a fresh-out-of-the-bag chip is simply incapable of commanding any sort of presence next to a slender, freshly fried and piping hot french fry. And, sorry, but even handsliced, homemade chips need a handicap to come close to the sort of success that fries enjoy. But The Sandbar has crunched some magic numbers--an equation that requires a uniform width on sliced potatoes, an ideal length of soak time and a precise fry time--and delivered a specimen worthy of being called a side dish. Each and every chip snaps--never an accidentally soggy solider in the hefty basket. In fact, they're so greaseless, your fingertips won't even need a napkin or a wash after ploughing through a few dozen. But what really gets us is the salt. Those suckers may be so salty it hurts, but like the commercial says, you can't just eat one. 2900 W. Chinden Blvd., Garden City, 208-343-1871,

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