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Bad drivers taking out BW staffers' cars

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We've noticed a disturbing trend here at BW: Not one, not two, but three staffers' cars have been taken out by hit and run (or try-to-run in some cases) drivers as the cars were innocently parked. The first was in the middle of the day. The car's owner emerged from inside the office, to find the side of her car had been smashed. Not long after, another staffer awoke to discover that not one, but two of her cars had been badly damaged after a drunk driver careened into one of them, pushing it into the other. The driver in this case made it as far as the neighbor's lawn before crashing one more time. Finally, a third staffer was awoken by the sound of crashing metal when a drunk driver hit her parked car so hard, it pushed it up and over a curb. But, with chunks of the damaged car still imbedded in the other driver's tire, that driver wasn't hard to track down. We're trying not to take it personally, but please, call a cab.

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