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Best Way to Spend Fourth of July 

Registering Bars and Stripes Racers

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Bikers beat wheels to the front door of BWHQ on the Fourth of July this year to sign up for the annual Bars and Stripes alley cat race put on by BW and Northstar Cycle Courier Inc. (and several boozeries around town). BW staffers sat coolly indoors while bikers of all shapes and sizes leaned against their 10-speeds, fixies and cruisers in the heat waiting to get in. When we did open the door, we made them fill out forms, took their money, checked their IDs (even if they looked 60) and then made them wait some more. When we finally shouted, "Ready? Set. Go!" they took off so damn fast, we almost had to climb the trees to avoid being run over by two-wheel-wielding maniacs. We thought they were in a hurry to be the first to cross the finish line, but now that we look back on it, maybe they were in a hurry to get the hell away from us.

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