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Best Weatherperson 

Scott Dorval, KIVI-Channel 6

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Upset! Or, blast from the past. Scott Dorval, the weather dude from Today's Channel 6, has been here for a while, providing reliable commentary and prognostication about the overhead mood of the valley. And he's no stranger to BW readers, who've made him a top winner in this category before. Last year he was firmly in second place, but took top honors this year. What could it be? His easygoing demeanor? His accuracy? His empathy for smoky air sufferers? His new and improved haircut? (We know; we saw his picture from 1994.)

Second Place: Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel-7

Third Place: Rick Lantz, KTVB Channel-7

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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