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Best Worst Thing to Find Floating in Your Chowder 

Hair/Pubic Hair

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What can we say, but you people are some pretty sick puppies. Seriously, tallying the votes in this category was enough to turn the stomach of the poor BW staffer assigned the task. Really? Booger wasn't gross enough for you? No, you had to add some scabs and assorted unsavories into the mix. Eww. And a human head? Honestly, if there were one of these floating around, we think there would be bigger issues to be concerned with than the contamination of your chowder. And the plethora of personal hygiene products you forced us to envision? Ugh. And because, like so many other people, we are visual thinkers here, there were some seriously disturbing images running through our heads for weeks. And, of course, then we had to wonder how they would get into the chowder in the first place, which led to an entirely new round of queasiness. And don't even get us started on the other body parts you suggested might end up in our food. We did find it amusing that many of you feel that clams, and the chowder itself, were the worst fate you could image a diner having to face. If you haven't guessed by now, this was one of our fun questions for the year, but we're going to have to reconsider it carefully before we ask you something similar. Hey, we're all for creativity, but seriously, folks, sometimes answers like these are more of a call for help than a display of imagination. There are help lines for people like you. Don't be afraid to ask. Seriously.

Second Place: Band-Aid

Third Place: Tie: Fingernail and Larry Craig

(Sorry, no information is currently available for other years in this same award category.)


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