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The Week in Review

Meat fans porked out at Pigapalooza on May 19.

Andrew Crisp

Meat fans porked out at Pigapalooza on May 19.

May 17 was an epic night in Boise--a night so packed with art, fashion, cycling, comedy and rock 'n' roll that it trumped even the rowdiest First Thursday.

The Boise Bike Week Block Party kicked the evening off in laid-back style at the Linen Building parking lot. According to Boise Weekly intern Jessica Murri, in addition to New Belgium beer and food-truck fare, the rally boasted bike-oriented booths and live music from Jonathan Warren and the Billygoats.

At the Powerhouse Event Center, revelers traded their bike shorts for cocktail attire at the inaugural Boise RAW: Natural Born Artists event, one in a series of evenings that will highlight local up-and-coming visual artists, filmmakers, musicians, comedians, dancers, fashion designers and performers. Freelancer Trevor Villagrana enjoyed the show's opening act--Kirsten Strough's short film, STZ, which he called "a hilarious rendering of zombies as sexually transmitted diseases"--but said the audience's inattentiveness hurt other acts like musician Shari Olivieri and comedian Aaron Sheehan.

"Sheehan's act, although hilarious and gritty at times, was lost on the crowd, whose focus was much more on the bottoms of their glasses than the show," Villagrana wrote.

While Villagrana was watching leggy models tear up the Powerhouse runway in combat boots with frilly skirts, BW New Media Czar Josh Gross was watching comedian Jerry Seinfeld tear up the Morrison Center stage in a trim blue suit while spouting bits about breakfast foods. According to Gross, Seinfeld ended the evening with an audience Q&A, during which someone asked if he had ever slept with Elaine. Find out Seinfeld's answer in the full review on Page 26.

And over in the bowels of the cave-like Neurolux, BW Staff Writer Andrew Crisp rocked out with Margot & the Nuclear So and So's. According to Crisp, "the sextet incorporated three guitarists, keyboards, drums, vocals and a tambourine, filling out the live iterations of tracks from the 2012 Rot Gut, Domestic. The result was big, brassy vocals and rock refrains."

But while Crisp said the band mostly kept a frenetic pace, he added that "Margot and Co. fell flat only with their encore, which belabored through a final track played far too slowly."

With May 17 officially conquered, BW staffers set out to replenish. Crisp and Gross hit up the Russian Food Festival on May 18, which featured "giant trays full of rich stroganoff, mountains of fresh baked pirogi and so much borsht, no one even could even say how many it would serve." For a more in-depth look inside the event, visit

And after letting the meat pies settle, Crisp made the trek out to Meridian on May 19 for Brewforia's second-annual Pigapalooza. Though Crisp said that pork-fest suffered from permitting woes and a cooking gaff that "cost the event two whole roast pigs, 'burnt to a crisp,'" there was still ample grub for the more than 400 attendees and cold beer to wash it all down. Get the whole story at

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