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Over here in CALDWELL, I'm what some consider to be the village atheist. After nearly forty years as a Bible believing Christian, I disengaged myself… More »



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Updated on December 19, 2010 at 7:57 PM

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Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

In the struggle between monotheism vs. atheism, it is monotheism that poses and sells itself as being the “good guy”. By framing unbelief as being dangerous or even down right evil, it tricks people out of their option of ever giving serious consideration to the possibility that there may not even be any actual god to serve and fear. It hinders discovery and prohibits our true nature and understanding of the universe. This universe is our true creator and it is every bit as self sustaining as any invented god might claim to be.

Today’s monotheism is the dying yet still powerful remnant of a pre-scientific solution that ancient minds invented in order to create a desperately needed sense of security. It’s foundational building blocks are myths that enshrine ignorance and fear which are in turn cemented together by unquestionable authority. It’s main objective has been to hold inquiry in check under the false notion that human advancement and progress are evil and new discovery is equal to arrogance and rebellion.

Monotheism extorts it’s supporting funds through it’s shameless coercion of the gullible while tapping into the kindness of the human heart. It methodically manipulates minds via it’s subconsciously applied pressure which cloaks itself beneath a consciously undetectable fear of death. The only remaining (non) option it offers is an eternity of relentless and unending torture backed with a written guarantee.

Monotheism is a coward that hides it’s true and hideous face behind a thin veil of human benevolence. It smiles and shakes your hand as it whispers terror into your ear and picks your pocket. It swallows the dreams of children through the nightmares that have been pressed upon the parents. Generation to generation it reshapes its sales pitch into whatever sly, necessary lies that are effective to keep it’s unwary serfs from escaping the emotional servitude it requires for it‘s own survival. It promises heaven in the unseen hereafter, but creates a tangible hell in this undeniable and otherwise beautiful world. A real world that only wants to grow, blossom and lift itself towards the sun of truth.

Monotheism is a weed that has morphed and spread itself throughout our earthly garden. A place that could be a paradise were it not for the noxious species that has flowered to reveal no other ultimate purpose except to blot out the beauty and truth that it jealously seeks to destroy. It has had 2500 years to spread its seed. Only it’s sewer’s can deny the bitterness of it’s ripening fruit and the human death toll that it promises in the wake of it’s inevitable harvest.

Monotheism. It is the friendly faced destroyer that dwells among us in plain sight.


Posted by billybee on 12/26/2010 at 10:41 AM

Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

Hey Bill,

Thanks for such a great pair of articles. I haven't been here to your column for a while but was pleasantly surprised to find a local writer who was not shy about their atheism. If you would have the time, I love to talk to you some time regarding the subject. I have some personal "from Christian to Atheist" stories that I think you'll enjoy. I'm in the phone book...if you're interested. Mornings are a good time to call.

Have a great Christmas,

Billy Braun

Posted by billybee on 12/23/2010 at 1:48 PM

Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

Dear Patience Dogood,

I am truly humbled. Without any excuses I offer my full apologies for my rush to judgment of your actual character and motives. I would only add that you accept my heartfelt hope that your new year is one filled with love, happiness and perfect health.

Best Regards,


p. s. I still say Jesus never existed (lol - Merry Christmas !!!!!!!)

Posted by billybee on 12/22/2010 at 2:42 PM

Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

@ Yinny -

I understand your frustration with how many of today's Christians are failing to "walk the walk". I use to ask myself "How did things (in the church) get so screwed up". For me, being part of leadership in the church became just too frustrating and so I gracefully stepped down and then soon there after slipped out the back door never to return.....

At the time of my leaving the fellowship, I was racked with guilt and fear, but I was determined to do my best to reach the place of spiritual peace that was promised to me upon my total surrender to God's will. At that time I believed that The Holy Spirit would protect me and teach me. My relationship was, after all, with Jesus. I could trust His Word as my shield and strength....belonging to a group of "half-ass", lukewarm Christians was no longer cutting it.

I then began to dig for answers. Eventually I found myself at the point of needing to really get to the bottom of "Who, What & Where" concerning the authorship and history of the Bible. It was at that point that I chose to listen and consider both sides of the issue. I had listen to the church's version of it's claims regarding it's origins, but now it was time for me to hear the other point of view.

As a Christian, I could easily take the "outsider's" point of view when it came to analyzing Mormons, Catholics, Hindu's, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc, etc. By using scripture, I could easily dismantle these other religious persuasions as being false and a perversion of God's Word. It was not until I put the Bible itself under the microscope that I learned the real story....

Keep digging, Yinny. Don't ever stop questioning, especially when the answer that you get from other Christians still leaves you thirsty.


P.S. The "church" has had 2000 years to build it's case, and what we see today is the accumulative result - maybe it's time that folks consider listening to the evidence from the opposition?

Posted by billybee on 12/22/2010 at 7:14 AM

Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

@ Patience Dogwood - Are you a Christian?

Posted by billybee on 12/21/2010 at 10:31 AM

Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

@Patience Dogwood - In regards to my earlier assumption that you are a Christian, allow me to make you an offer: If you will (here on this forum) make a declaration that you DENY THE HOLY SPIRIT, then I will gladly admit with a full apology that my assumption was completely inaccurate.

Posted by billybee on 12/21/2010 at 12:12 AM

Re: “An Ex-Xian's Xmas

@ Patience Dogwood -

I can see a big distinction between the two translations, but you seem to miss the significance of difference between the two's try it again:

In your first example, you have Josephus saying; "He was the so-called Christ."
In Your next example, You have Josephus saying; "He was [the] Christ."

Which of the two varying statements do I need to address?

Posted by billybee on 12/20/2010 at 11:18 PM

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