Bitter Critter 

Being alone doesn't mean being lonely

Dear Minerva,

It's another Valentine's Day... alone. I try not to be bitter about the lack of romance in my life, but it gets hard during this time of year not to get super pissy. My eyes are being assault by the onslaught of pink and red. Couples are sappily annoying. I know my favorite restaurants will be overrun with the twitterpated. What is your advice for the lonely?


Bitter Critter

Dear Bitter Critter,

Oh l'amour! L'amour, l'amour! Whether you love it or love to hate it, love (and Valentine's Day) is here to stay. I know it can be a bummer to see all the people around you in love. What I would encourage you to do is to broaden your definition of what kind of love you celebrate on VD. Remember, (almost) anything you can do with a partner, you can do with yourself. Netflix and Chill with you. Take yourself to a movie. Take yourself to dinner. Buy yourself flowers and chocolates. Just because you don't have someone co-dependently celebrating you doesn't mean you should go uncelebrated. You don't feel right showering yourself with attention? Alright! There are plenty of charities that could use some help, especially after the holidays, which is when people tend to do the bulk of their giving. If it is still bothering you, remember, these people were single once, too, and maybe they are just trying to put the work in to make it last in a world lousy with uncertainty.

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