Black Hunger 

Wednesday-Friday, Oct. 2-4

From Hercules battling the Nemean lion to John Henry's pyrrhic victory against a steam-powered hammer, myths and tall tales are more than mere stories--they inform how we see the world and, of course, make for great art.

That's true even today. Need proof? Witness Arrington de Dionyso's 24-hour drawing performance.

The Olympia, Wash.-based artist will create his myth-inspired art at Black Hunger gallery during two 12-hour sessions running from noon to midnight on both Wednesday, Oct. 2, and Thursday, Oct. 3. The event will wrap up Friday, Oct. 4, with an auction of the work de Dionyso created over the two previous days, as well as a concert by the artist himself, highlighting his throat singing and proficiency with multiple reed instruments. The party runs from 8 p.m. to midnight and is free and open to the public.

Using sumi ink and acrylic pigment, de Dionyso draws from themes and mythologies of India, using the styles of Central and South American traditional art. The vital colors--jet blacks and crystalline blues, mod greens and blood reds--and human figures are haunted by "an imposing and contemplative narrative" which, according to the gallery, results in "storytelling that is both hallucinatory and refined."

In keeping with his epic name, de Dionyso's subjects strike timeless poses and represent archetypal themes. And like most art depicting the mythic, there's plenty of cheerful nudity.

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