Black Truffle Salt Potato Chips 

Cafe Vicino takes chips to a new level

The pungent, oh-so-expensive truffle is mushroom royalty--it makes your taste buds blush, press the backs of their hands to their moist foreheads and collapse onto the fainting couch of your tongue.

Cafe Vicino is no stranger to truffle/tongue courtship. The North End Italian eatery offers whisper-thin, cross-cut Yukon potato chips dusted with savory black truffle salt.

But even without relying on the maddening deliciousness of truffles, these chips would be special. The potatoes are sliced into a super-fine mesh--akin to a front door screen--that folds into itself in a deep fryer bath of canola oil until it resembles a sloppy little rose.

Though that process might seem complicated, according to Cafe Vicino Sous Chef Kevin Nicolescu, it's actually fairly simple:

"There's a waffle setting on the mandolin--it's kind of a crinkle cut blade," explained Nicolescu. "Then you run it down the mandolin blade in opposite directions."

Nicolescu recommends you pair the chips with something fizzy--champagne or a sparkling rose, both of which Vicino offers by the glass. Truffle chips and sparkling rose: the greatest love story ever told.

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