Blow, Guns and Zonked Nudes: The Jackpot Trifecta! 

Every great crime movie has a point where its anti-heroes start acting out of pure desperation. Like when a coked-out Henry Hill incessantly turns his eyes skyward to look for police helicopters in Good Fellas. Or when Michael gives Fredo that fatal kiss on the cheek in The Godfather II. Or when Ace Rothstein's wife in Casino is found naked on the floor, and he dumps his drug stash out the window of a moving car. Wait, scratch that last one. It isn't from a Scorcese epic set on the southern Nevada strip, it's from an epic night of debauchery at Idaho's favorite one-horse border town, Jackpot.

According to a story by the Elko Daily Free Press, authorities in Elko County, Nevada, arrested 32-year-old Troy Thomas Wheeler of Boise after finding him in possession of about a half a pound of methamphetamine, two-and-a-half pounds of cocaine, three ounces of the famed Canadian reefer "BC-bud" (, 14 ounces of psilocybin mushrooms, both AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles and over $5,000 in cash. About the only thing Wheeler wasn't in possession of was his wife, 20-year-old Jessica Bisenbach. He had dumped her--naked, unconscious and overdosed on booger-sugar--by the elevator at Cactus Pete's Casino and Hotel.

"He put her on the floor, and yelled 'she OD'd on cocaine,' and left," reported Elko Lt. Marvin Morton in the Free Press. On the way out, Wheeler also dumped bags of cocaine and meth outside of the casino and along the highway running through town. Bisenbach wasn't expected to live long, but she was quickly flown to Magic Valley hospital in Twin Falls and is reportedly well enough to face most of the charges also facing Wheeler. The exception: Wheeler also had an outstanding warrant in Idaho, and was thus a fugitive in Nevada, even if only by a few feet. When and if Ms. Bisenbach awakens, hopefully someone explains what a fantastic catch her hubby is.

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