Blue Christmas 

Advice for those on the verge

Dear Minerva,

Christmas is almost here, and I am spending it alone. I don't want to be the person who is mopey and complaining about being alone during the holidays, but this year it is bothering me more than ever. It's not just being alone but also seeing all of the joyful couples and families. I feel like a jerk sometimes, but I'm sick of being reminded I'm alone.


Blue Christmas

Dear Blue,

The holidays are often difficult since they are so closely associated with family, relationships and spending time with others. But fear not! Your Christmas doesn't have to be like other people's. Something I have come to hold precious is the time I spend taking care of myself. Take yourself out to Christmas dinner—many restaurants are open for Christmas. Treat yourself to something delicious. Then, spend the day doing something you enjoy. Maybe it's watching your favorite movies or pursuing a favorite hobby. Maybe it's napping all day. Maybe it is volunteering to help others who are in need. The point is, you have the power to make Christmas, or any holiday, special for yourself. Also, don't let the smiling faces of happy families and couples fool you. Some of them are faking it until they make it. I hereby command you to be self-indulgent this holiday season, and shower yourself with love and attention. After all, you are worth it. Wishing you a divoonly decadent season, darling!

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