Bluff Works Travel Pants 

Pants for work, pants for adventure

A few Fridays ago, it was pouring rain, but I was determined to ride my bike to work anyway. On the way, I stopped by a coffee shop and slogged in; I was a soggy mess in a pair of jeans that took the entire day to dry.

While standing in line for coffee, an avid cyclist—I could tell from the bike design on his shirt and the yellow strip of reflective tape wrapped around one leg of his waterproof pants—noticed my drippy jeans and suggested Bluff Works Travel Pants.

These pants, made in New York City, are everything a pair of pants should be. According to the Bluff Works website, they look like slacks but act like wilderness adventure, they're wrinkle-free and quick-drying; they come in navy blue, charcoal, khaki and black; and they can withstand five days of wear before needing a wash. "Climb mountains and the corporate ladder," the website boasts.

The pants feature hidden pockets for your phone, credit cards and passport. They even have pocket images on the inside, made to inspire.

There is one fatal flaw with Bluff Works, though. They're not made for women—yet. Until then, I guess I'll just keep slopping around in my jeans and continue searching for another perfect, all-weather, classy-but-versatile pant.

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