Boise Art Museum: Art of Fashion Show--reVAMPED 

Saturday, April 26

Imagine a fashion show where designers use vampires and werewolves as inspiration. Now imagine those same designers in fierce competition, vying for a tidy fist of cash by showcasing an ensemble that captures two looks on one runway.

That is the scenario for Boise Art Museums's re-VAMPED Art of Fashion Show. Inspiration for the event is the work of Portland, Ore., artist Anna Fidler, whose work is currently on display at the museum through Sunday, May 25. Portraits of little known Oregon historical figures served as Fidler's springboard for inspiration, wherein she explores the 21st century fascination with all things other-worldly. Working within various mediums, Fidler transformed the old-time portraits into something altogether different--recognizably human, but with a twist. When it came to the selection criteria Fidler used for choosing a possible subject, she limited the options to any portrait whose image included "facial expressions and features that could be interpreted as mysterious, haunting or strange."

Since the show is also a competition, the Museum sent out a call to area designers, offering a total of 30 competition slots. According to Boise Art Museum staff, as of the first week in April, several slots had yet to be filled. Which means if you're an aspiring (or even established) designer, the door is wide open to show off your talent. Requirements for entry are simple: design a look that utterly transforms on the runway and be older than 18. Upon selection, designers have the option of either modeling their own creation or furnishing an appropriate model--also 18 and older.

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