Boise Bicycle Project Break-In 

Nonprofit loses money from weekend theft.

"Heartbreaking" is how shop manager Amanda Anderson described the June 12 burglary of Boise Bicycle Project.

The shop's back door was a mess of wood splinters sticking out from a busted lock.

"It's almost like getting your home broken into," she said.

Anderson was still stunned, a full day later.

For any other organization, the event might be just a bump in the road, but for BBP, it's a gaping pothole.

Most of the approximately $1,000 in cash stolen was from BBP's June 10 Helladrome fundraiser, which kicked off the nonprofit's campaign to buy its building at 1027 Lusk St., near Ann Morrison Park.

"All the money we make goes to buying kids' bikes and helmets, and going to buying the building," Anderson said.

Still, the capital campaign, Pedal 4 the People, will continue as planned.

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The next big event will be a Poster Party on Thursday, June 16 (see Arts, Page 26).

To date, BBP has raised $16,000 of the $115,000 needed to buy the building by an October deadline.

"I work days off, Jimmy puts in 60-hour weeks. We put our hearts into it," Anderson said.


BW incorrectly stated the final text of SB 1105--which dealt with the issue of bullying--in the story "Bully Pulpit" (BW, Features, June 8, 2011).

The final bill was amended on the Senate floor on March 8 to include a mandate requiring state school districts to create training and informational programs to address the bullying issue. The bill eventually died after delays prevented it from being put to vote before the session closed.

BW regrets the errors. :


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